Miss Scarlett is expecting.

Her due date is June 29, 2024


Estimated time range for Puppy Adoption is

August 24th – September 8th

Welcome to Cedar Forest Redbones of Middle Tennessee, where our love for Redbone hounds meets a commitment to ethical breeding. As a family dedicated to this remarkable breed, we strive to raise Redbone hounds with unwavering care, preserving their exceptional qualities and lineage. Our mission extends beyond breeding; it’s about finding loving homes for these extraordinary dogs. Whether you’re seeking a loyal hunting companion or simply want to learn more about Redbone hounds, join us on this journey of passion and dedication.

At Cedar Forest Redbones, we embrace responsible breeding practices to ensure the health and temperament of every pup we bring into the world. Our Redbone hounds are not only exceptional hunters but also cherished family members. We carefully select and test our breeding dogs, nurturing their puppies to embody the true essence of the breed. Discover our wealth of information on Redbone hound care and training as we strive to connect these incredible dogs with caring individuals who appreciate their unique qualities. Welcome to the world of Cedar Forest Redbones, where love, dedication, and the pursuit of exceptional Redbone hounds converge.

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Princess Purple - Redbone Hound - Puppy

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Sleeping redbone hound

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Copper on the wood pile, redbone hound being playful